Development in every society requires power. In many developing countries grid power is typically unavailable. Alternative technologies that utilize other forms of power are also not prevalent or regularly used. Those who can afford it rely on diesel power to meet their needs. However, diesel power is often not economically feasible and hence has become a luxury item. Renewable sources of energy such as wind, solar and hydro power are new to many populations and in some cases are associated with stigmas such as high cost and unaffordability. It is a fact that the up-front investment for renewable energy sources is fairly high and technicians and service personnel are not abundantly trained and available to ensure sustainable operation in remote areas. As a result, the quality of life in most developing countries has continued to suffer due to a lack of basic infrastructure.

In the absence of a power grid system, decentralized sources of energy are essential. All renewable energy systems such as wind, solar and hydro power are candidates for decentralized supply of power to communities. Qaderdan Rural Technology Development Workshop (QRTDW)’s investments in these areas have made a significant impact on the availability of renewable energy systems in communities served by it.

As an educational resource center, we aim to make sustainability achievable and simply irresistible by working from a strong base within our local community to provide inspiration, accessible information and advice to improve the quality of life using Social, Economic and Environmental means.